Cruise Pulse Plus

Our proprietary database tracks daily ticket prices at the cabin category level and passenger volumes to port destinations from over 8,000 annual cruises world wide.

With an exclusive window into virtually every sailing, every day (including Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL), Royal Caribbean Cruises Lines (RCL) and Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL)) our subscribers can view cruise revenue and passenger trends in near real time.

Data is available to download directly or, if you choose, use our analytical tool kit and graphical interface with the summary data to discover emerging trends.  See it work via the categories listed to below.

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Category Description Analytical Tool Kit
Choose from Inside, Ocean View, Balcony or Suite and view the the average price per person per day over time by Sail On months.   Select by specific ships within lines under the parent corporation.  Prices displayed are averaged for all "Priced On" dates. Ship Trends
View the Average Price by Cabin Category per person per cruise and/or per person, per day with the average number of sail days and ship capacity.   Select the Average Price by "Sail On" and/or "Priced On" Months by checking months on right.  Daily pricing is averaged by priced on month and sail on month.


Wondering how pricing compares between two different time periods?  This tool displays pricing indexed from a base Sail On date.  For example, select a base index date of 10/1/2010 for cruise line A.  Click on the line for any Sail On date along the time line before or after your index date.   A pop up will display your average price per person per day and the percentage difference against your base index date.  Index date requires a minimum of 2 sailings to provide a percentage change value.  Sail On date prices are based on a 14 day moving average.  Prices displayed are averaged for all "Priced On" dates. Sail On Index
This simple little widget shows, with color coded ranges, quarterly price trends for each selectable line.  Prices are the average per person per cruise for each cabin category for all Priced On dates. Heat Map
Select the cruise line then select the number of months from the Priced On date to the Sail On date.  This provides an "apples to apples" comparison for pricing "n" months in advance of the booking.   How much are prices 1 month out from the sail date, how much are they 12 months out?  View average price per person per day for each cabin category, Month over Month comparison and the total average. Pried On Index

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