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  1. As the owner of a Brick & Mortar full service agency (that was established in 1973), I have to comment on a couple of issues posted in the past couple of days:

    First – quit whinning about NCFs. NCFs are taxes and port charges – you are NOT going to get commissions on these. Now if you want something to really complain about – point #2 is right up your alley.

    Point # 2 – start offering commissions on Shore Excursions and other items that can be booked in advance with the travel agency. Furthermore cut your overhead by getting rid of reservations staff. Why spend money to train travel agencies and their staff to sell your product, and then compete with them. Convert some people with seniority to “Agency Support” and can the rest. Over 70% of the sales are generated from agencies anyways, so you have a FREE sales force already working for you. Support them and let them support your cruise line!

    I agree with John on two issues, but I have to correct him on the first – don’t be order takers, be CONSULTANTS, provide a SERVICE, separate yourself from non-experienced “agents” that think that because of the internet they can be a “Travel Agent”. And John’s second point that is SO true – quit the practice of not answering the phone after 5pm. If you don’t want the business – I DO, and that’s why I take calls until 11pm Pacific Time SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

    If you’re not willing to do the work you have no business to complain about how bad your business is – the only person to blame is the person in the mirror.

  2. Elaine Carey

    Amen John! I agree totally. Even though my business has dwindled a bit, I’m trying to be more pro-active with my marketing, putting a different spin on what and how I advertise. If you’re gonna make it in these troubled times, you have to work a little harder and get creative!
    Good Luck to all!

  3. Travel agents need to get over the idea the cruise lines or anyone for that matter is going to make changes to their business model to benefit the travel agent. Travel agents need to change their business model to benefit themselves. Learn to be sales people instead of order takers. Show value instead of price. Give them a reason to buy from you instead of someone else with the cheapest price. Get busy marketing yourself and stay open later than 5 PM and closed on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. 93% of the people have a job, house and the desire to travel. Focus on them and not on the 7%.

  4. Sandeep Jain

    The Criuse co’s should be friendly with Travel Agents.

  5. BOB


  6. Jean Brown

    The cruise lines need to reduce their NCF. Its getting where you don’t care to push the less expensive cruises since you hardly make anything. I think the higher end ships have gotten the message and is eliminate their fees. I hope Carnival and the rest of their fleet will do the same.

  7. Helen Blair

    The cruise lines have got to get their reps out in the field visiting agencies and educating them on all the “deals” being offered. They need to educate their sales force, the travel agent, how they are changing to meet the new needs of the cost conscious and frightened traveler who are so recluctant to spend money

  8. We are seeing an increase in people wanting all inclusive and Kids go Free!, This is why MSC is doing so well. This seems to be why Azamara is selling well. I think Celebrity will do great with the 3rd and 4th in cabin go free also.

  9. larry

    The almost ‘all inclusive’ nature of cruising along with its overall ‘value’ will keep it alive as other vacation options decline in the bad times ahead. So, go out and buy some cruise line stock already!

  10. larry

    Check RCL & CCL prices for southwest coast ports & those ports outside USA. At these low prices, are they profitable? No way. Why are these prices low? Because air is expensive and customers don’t want to fly. Also, US English speaking customers want to vacation on a ship with their own culture and language… not to mention health concerns living on board with hundreds of foreigners with no health checks. Put your ships in US ports on the east and gulf coast. Reduce NCFs and we will push more cruises to fill your ships. Put pressure on ports to reduce their ‘extortion’ prices for parking. Push for repeal of laws preventing foreign flagged ships sailing between US destinations. Sail ‘one ways’ from gulf ports to Mexico… perfect for those ships being retired to far east now… with less overhead & glits. An Econo-val or Notso-royalgulfibean line?

  11. We support oxygen dependent travelers on cruises around the world. Therefore many of the questions above only relate to the clients we take care of. Most of our clients have already booked their cruises up to 5 years in advance, so they are not going to cancel their cruise holiday under any circumstances except in the case of death. The cruise oxygen business as well for durable medical equipment is a billion dollar industry and we are here to support you around the clock at: 800-391-2041 in the USA and at 951-693-2292 internationally. Our website is:

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  12. We are a brick and mortar that has been open for a year. Right now you could go bowling in the parking lot and not do any damage. Just very little traffic and this is the high season. I’ve been in this business for 15 years and have never seen it this slow. Maybe the Cruise Lines should consider cutting back on NCFs so agencies can stay open.

  13. Don

    Were not sure if people are trying to spoend money before the government gets it, or before it is of no Value, or many of the lower dallor clients think they are going to get a big pile of money from Goverment.
    All-Inclusive is the big hot request. people want to spend X dallors on Vacation nothing more.

  14. Josephine

    many people are afraid to purchase vacations, with the job market being so shaky one never knows if they will have the time or resources to take that long for cruise.

    I am a home based agent, so my overhead is low, I know we will be okay in the long run, but getting to that point is sooo nerve wrecking.

  15. I am too watching to see what the travel industry will do in the coming months. Many of my clients have changed jobs, having no vacation time soon. Others have experienced death in their family or serious illness.

    I hope we can all survive this current stand-still of few travelers.