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Partnering with land-based destinations

It is an interesting fact that 38% of all cruisers have returned to destinations for a land-based vacation after first going by cruise.  In fact, when comparing the benefits of cruising over other vacations, 61% consider it preferable specifically because it provides a chance to scope out several different locations in one trip.

With some cruisers taking up to four additional non-cruise vacations a year, this strikes me as a tremendous opportunity.

Wouldn't it open the possibilities to brand extensions into hotel chains or destination-based businesses?  I commend Carnvial for past experimentation with Carnival Crystal Palace hotel in Nassau and Carnival Air, but see a time to innovate new ways to capitalize on returning visitors.

I'm not speaking about expensive acquisitions in areas outside of core competencies, I am speaking about joint ventures, name leasing arrangements or marketing partnerships.  For example, Donald Trump has earned several million of his dollars not as developer or an investor but by having others pay him to use his name on their condominium towers.

New and upcoming developments like Xcarat find value in extending awareness among potential visitors.  They could name and create an exclusive activity within the park for a cruise line. In return, the cruise line extends time of stay in the local port (allowing time to experience the activity).  The cruise line wins because its brand is seen by non-cruise visitors to Xcaret and cruise travelers choose it over competition because of the exclusive experience. Xcarat wins the traffic of the cruise line and the visitor wins all around.


Motorcycles on-board cruise ships

Waiting for a cruise ship to pass byI had been wanting to blog about a “biker” themed cruise – after all, there are 6.6 million motorcycles registered in the U.S. (growing 37% since 2001). My idea is to bring Bret Michaels of Poison, reunite Nazareth and land Blue Oyster Cult (you get the idea).  Then I ran across Bill and Sandy Papagno at Bikes on Board. They have done it a bit different – better if you prefer actually riding. You can really bring your own motorcycle on the ship with you! If you read my blog you know I love simple, good ideas that serve niche markets. Bill and Sandy are creating a “chirping within the pod” i.e. doing something so cool that it gets the niche market members talking about it…like I am now. Kudos guys.