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Costa Cruise gets placement in top chinese movie


Chinese moviegoers have been abuzz since the Dec 18, 2008 premier of famed director Feng Xiaogang's movie “If You Are The One . ”  It quickly became the highest grossing Chinese language film in Chinese movie history.

Success has been accredited to Feng Xiaogang's reputation and an appeal to audiences by commenting on major current events like the Wenchuan Earthquake and world financial situation.

Some of the movie’s financial success is also rooted in flourishing product placements.  Movie producer Wang Zhongjun said, “We made about 50 million yuan through advertising in the movie. That is a record-breaking figure in China's movie industry.”

I blogged here about the potential of seeing cruise line product placements in movies and it seems Costa may have taken heed.


After the lead romantic interest attempts suicide, character Qin helps her recover by taking her on an expensive cruise.  From there, the love interest ensues.  In the end, they live happily ever after.  And so might Costa in the growing Chinese cruise market .

Interestingly, the only other movie that has grossed more in China - Titanic.

Royal Caribbean’s ad campaign “Get Out There” is going, going, gone…

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Royal Caribbean and new agency partner JWT are launching a new ad campaign Monday, November 10.

The launch follows by only a few days Carnival’s new campaign – interestingly with former Royal Caribbean agency Arnold.

Royal Caribbean is sailing away from the successful 9-year-old "Get Out There."  The new campaign is dubbed "The Nation of Why Not."  The Nation of Why Not kicks off with two television commercials (30-second and 60- second versions) inviting vacationers to secede from land and become citizens of “the nation.” The tongue-in-cheek spots - a combination of live action and animation - begin November 10, during morning show programming on ABC and NBC television networks, and during primetime programming on ABC and CBS. The commercials highlight Royal Caribbean’s global destinations.


The reason given by the Wall Street Journal is RCL is going after more revenues from European and Asian consumers. WSJ cites Royal Caribbean’s third-quarter earnings call last week when it was stated that more than 40% of revenues will come from outside of North America in 2009 , up from 30% last year.

While that may be true, I think the strategy is larger than that.  After all, 60% of revenues will still be from North America.  “The Nation of Why Not” may also be a smart, timely play off the recent historic election and current forward-looking mentality towards economic recovery.  In addition, research shows destinations play an important role in consumer cruise choices, so RCL may be promoting its depth of destination alternatives to U.S. consumers.

The ads creatively challenge viewers to do things at sea that they could not do on land, such as “Why not ice skate on the equator and climb mountains at sea?” Additionally, print ads will launch in forty newspapers nationwide on Sunday, November 16, 2008.

Travel and cruise industry professionals will be introduced to The Nation of Why Not on Monday, November 17, with the first edition of “The Why Not Herald,” an insert in key travel trade publications across the United States and Canada. Subsequent editions will feature the new brand campaign’s print advertisements.

See the Nation of Why Not 

Updated 10/10/08


Increase onboard revenue with digital pictures.

Recently onboard the Carnival Destiny I was fortunate to be photographed several times by the friendly staff.

Pouring over the giant wall of fully developed photographs, I couldn’t help thinking of the I-phone. You know, the nifty screen where you flip through pictures with a short flick of the tip of your forefinger.

Had Carnival shifted to digital cameras, the entire photo developing and printing process could be limited to only the pictures actually desired by passengers. It might look something like the kiosk at your local Walgreens.

It would reduce expenses by:

  • Saving back-end labor processing, printing and placing the photos up on the wall
  • Cutting the cost of all those negatives and photo paper

It would increase revenue by:

  • Freeing up a lot of retail wall space for other product.
  • Freeing up passenger time spent squinting and scanning the hundreds of prints so they spend time in other profitable places
  • Making it more convenient and easier to find the pictures.   By displaying watermarked digital images (categorized by date and time taken) on a few widescreen kiosks, as well as searchable via shipboard TVs, cell phones and even for purchase on the Cruise company’s website would increase exposure and sales.  Even friends at home could see and buy them.  Bottom line, I know there were a couple of photos I couldn’t locate on the wall. It would have been nice to casually browse for them on the web later from home.



September Cruise Search falls for second consecutive month

Our monthly Cruise Search reflects change in demand and online market share.  U.S. online cruise search is estimated at 8.8 million monthly unique individuals for the month of September.  Cruise Search shrank for the second consecutive month, both versus the prior month and September of last year.  This points to continued weakening in online cruise search activity as the economic conditions faced by travelers have worsened.

% Change for September '08
vs Last Year vs. Last Month
Total Internet Traffic 4.2% 0.3%
Total Cruise Search -6.1% -3.3%


Percentages in the charts below represent the approximate share of all online cruise traffic.

Chart 1 - % of traffic for top Cruise Lines from all cruise related traffic (click to enlarge)

Chart 2 - % of traffic for top booking sites from all cruise related traffic (click to enlarge)



There is word is that cruise bookings have declined further in October, and this is being reflected in last minute discounting of fares.  Royal Caribbean posts earnings on Monday, October 20.  It will be interesting to hear how it forecasts for coming quarters.