The Mortgage Meltdown: The Consumer Behavior Impact


The current crisis will be reminiscent of the post 911 "cocooning" phenomena that lead, to among other things, a revolution in kitchen home remodeling towards creating larger and more accommodating spaces to share and enjoy with friends and family.

A new post "Mortgage Meltdown" economy will manifest itself in everything from food (smaller portions) to shopping (socially and environmentally conscious) and excursions (healthy, smaller social footprint).  For the next several years, keywords will be caring, self-consciousness, reflection on "what's really important" and restraint - the opposite of anything appearing as gluttony or greed.

According to a new Ad Age article, Celebrity "is said to be pondering whether its messaging, which uses the 'Starring you' tagline to focus on the pampering, indulgent treatment it offers guests, is right for the economically challenged times."



  1. Since the financial recession a lot of people have ‘tightened their belts’ and been more careful when it comes to spending. The rich have had no problems as they were not as badly affected but mortgage owners are being really careful and wasting any money if possible and making sure they have money to pay for their mortgage.


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